Sunday, June 18, 2017

Applications Mod 4: Hurricanes

This week was focused on hurricanes, more specifically Hurricane Sandy. There were two parts to the lab, so there were two map deliverables to submit. 

For the first map, I used the Select by Attribute to only select the states that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, and created a layer from this selection. Next, I added XY data of the different points of Hurricane Sandy's track. I also used the Points to Line tool to create and display a line that represented the actual hurricanes path. 
Next, I changed the symbology of the different points on the hurricanes track, and labeled them according to the type of storm that was happening at that point of Sandy's life. Then I simply added graticules to the map.
Below is the map, which simply shows Hurricane Sandy's path, and what type of storm it was at different points of its life. 

The next part was creating a map that showed a set of parcels (all residential) before and after the storm. 
For this map, I created a new geodatabase to include rasters of both pre- and post-storm imagery. I also used the Swipe tool from the Effects toolbar to see both the pre- and post-imagery. I also added 4 different domains to this database, and created a new feature class to digitize the selected parcels and assign certain damage values to them (like destroyed, major damage, minor damage, affected, and no damage.) This is important because then I can assign differing symbols to the different levels of damage. I digitized the parcels using the Editing tool, and also having the Create Feature and Attributes windows open. 
I also created a table with this data and added it to my map. 

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